I am a leading producer of meditation music and guided meditations. My work has appeared on 9 Hemi-Sync® Metamusic® CDs and two groundbreaking meditation DVDs, notably the INATS® award winner lightSOURCE: A Sacred Geometry Experience. My work has appeared on projects with Robert Monroe, Dr. Theresa Bullard, Dr. Elisebeth Kübler-Ross, Dr. Charles Tart, and many, many more. My work also appears on television, film and video games.


Since 2008, I’ve been proprietor at Higher-Music.com. I don’t really work on that site anymore, so these albums all link to my bandcamp store. It’s long form meditation music for a donation.

2014 Manachi
2013 Aurora
2011 Solfeggio Suite
2010 Gammadrone
2010 Hibernation
2009 Insight
2009 Deltadream
2009 Transformation
2008 Starseed
2008 Namaste
2004 Ascension (Reissue)
2003 Illumination (Reissue)
2002 Indigo (Reissue)
1994 Remembrance (Reissue)
1993 Higher (Reissue)

Guided Meditations

These are verbally guided meditations that leverage the power of your imagination to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

2012 Creative Alchemy with Dr. Theresa Bullard
2011 Journey To Atlantis for Higher Self Guides®
2009 Quantum Insight with Dr. Theresa Bullard


Check out my Hemi-Sync® Metamusic® albums over at Hemi-Sync.com where you can read album descriptions written by professionals and download some fantastic music samples. The last I checked, the albums were available for download and on CD.

2009 Golden Mind
2008 The Lotus Mind
2005 Hemi-Sync® In Motion
2004 Ascension
2003 Illumination for Peak Performance
2002 Indigo for Quantum Focus
1995 Einstein’s Dream
1994 Remembrance
1993 Higher
1993 Going Home

Works Made For Hire

2014 Living Fully with MS with Dr. Sudesh Kannan
2013 Thrive with ADHD with Dr. Sudesh Kannan
2013 Step-By-Step Meditation with Dr. Sudesh Kannan
2012 TLC NeuroTechnology™
2012 Work Focus, Stress Relief, Work Creativity, and Morning Focus for The Meditation Mind.
2011 Touch Labyrinth with Dr. Sudesh Kannan
2010 Abundance Now by Affirmuse™
2009 Emotional Choice

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