I’m a recording artist best known for a number of Hemi-Sync® Metamusic® recordings I created for The Monroe Institute. My work has appeared on guided meditation projects with Robert Monroe, Dr. Theresa Bullard, Dr. Sudesh Kannan, Dr. Elisebeth Kübler-Ross, Dr. Charles Tart, and Matthew Joyce. Most of my albums are available for a modest donation on my Bandcamp store at Higher-Music.com.


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Life Is A Dream

I’m designing sound for a number of shows in the Seattle area right now. Here’s my next production:

life-is-a-dreamLife is a Dream is an adaptation of the Spanish Golden Age classic by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. Set in a dystopian future where countries have become corporations and medieval morality promises stability in a volatile world, it tells the story of Segismundo, heir of Polonia, who has been confined from birth in a virtual reality by his father, Basilio. While top executives Astolfo and Estrella compete to take over the company, Basilio devises a test to see if Segismundo will actually be the devastating and cruel ruler the stars foretold. And a young woman from a neighboring company arrives seeking vengeance and steps into the middle of a dangerous political secret. Life is a Dream is a beautifully told story that examines reality, fate, and free will.

Please join us for the last show of our 2013-2014 season. Life is a Dream opening at the Ballard Underground on April 18th and running through May 10th. Tickets now available at http://dream.bpt.me/


Greg Brisendine – Clotaldo
Gabriel Sedgemore – Astolfo
David Klein – Basilius
Lindsay Evans – Rosaura
Robert Hankins – Segismundo
Kelly Johnson – Estrella
Gail Hebert – Clarin
Geb Brown – Soldier/Ensemble
Alexander Youngblood – Soldier/Ensemble
Christopher Martinez – Soldier/Ensemble and Fight Choreographer


Roy Arauz – Director
Abigail Pishaw – Stage Manager
Joshua Jon Christensen – Assistant Director
Beth Raas-Bergquist – GLT Artistic Director
Caitlin Gilman – Playwright
Brandon Estrella – Set Designer
John Epperson – Sound Designer
Alison Owen – Costume Designer
Zack Brink – Lighting Designer
Ben Driskell – ASM/Props Designer
Lynnsey Phillips – videographer

The Equal Ground reviews Ascension


The Equal Ground provides a most curious review of Ascension.

First of all, the details seem largely correct:

J.S. Epperson released his first album in 1993 on the Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync® label. Since then he has created nine albums, which led to starting his own label in 2009 with Higher Music. Higher Music (just to give you a preview) is not your average record label. They specifically concentrate on one objective, to heighten your state of mind; whether it’s a form of deeper sleep, meditation, focus or relaxation. You could call Epperson a real musical scientist.

Then the author “artfully” describes binaural beats:

These are frequencies that take us to a state of mind, which more than likely we couldn’t reach on our own, unless we decided to move to a Monastery in Tibet. [...] Without the use of drugs, which is usually how one would get their musical progression across, Epperson has used science the art of hearing to transpire a whole new realm.

Finally, we get to the review. This is true art right here; its prose is exquisitly written:

Opening with Phase 1, crossing into the territory that soon becomes Phase 2, into Phase 3 (the longest of the tracks, racing towards 15 minutes) where you can easily picture being in the desert at night, surrounded by what they usually call Montana sky country. As futuristic as this seems, it has an incredible Earth-based approach. If you were to put your ear to the ground, and listen close enough, you would hear magnetic plates moving, underground rivers rushing and a volcanic core corresponding with the solar flares of the sun.