Green Remembrance

In which J.S. Epperson’s Hemi-Sync® CD Remembrance has been sustainably greenified.


I was at the Green Festival Expo on Sunday to see Barbara Bullard speak about Hemi-Sync® and Metamusic® when I noticed that several of the Hemi-Sync® recordings now feature incredibly green packaging. The packaging is now made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and plastic and printed with organic, bio-degradable inks.

I was — perhaps excessively — excited about this new packaging, and I’m surprised Hemi-Sync® hasn’t made a bigger deal about this as the move is completely in-line with their brand.

Remembrance is available at

By J.S. Epperson

Independent purveyor of meditation music, producer of guided meditations, blender of binaural beats, and erstwhile Hemi-Sync® artist.

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