The Daily Commercial

Steve Fussell, The Daily Commercial, Monday, January 25, 2016

  • TRUE: The Tabernacle Experience uses a sophisticated sound technology to help participants relax and focus on their thoughts.
  • TRUE: At the end of a two-day trial, three participants reported that they experienced biblical visions during their sessions.
  • TRUE: All eight participants of the two-day trial enthusiastically expressed heightened feelings of confidence, a greater sense of purpose in their lives and a sincere dedication to Christian ideals.
  • TRUE: “I know what I need to do now,” one participant said. “I get it.”
  • FALSE: By “from Los Angeles”, Mr. Fussell also means “from Seattle”.

“…Sound designer J.S. Epperson, who recently relocated to Fruitland Park from Los Angeles, helped them rehearse, record and stage original compositions for the two-day program.”

Seriously though, as long as I’m going to nit-pick the Seattle / Los Angeles thing, I’d like to point out that I wrote, recorded, and mixed The Tabernacle Experience under the guidance of executive producer Meredith L. Cheshire. Also, after this article was written, the project was renamed The Tabernacle Experience.

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