Sandcrane Productions

The vigilant have already noticed that there are a few new albums bearing my name. They are distributed by Sand Crane Productions, Inc. and they live here. Three of them are new: The Tabernacle Experience, The Scroll, and Bedtime Prayers. Two others are extended versions of tracks previously released on my album Solfeggio Suite and I have allowed them to be remastered and renamed as Praising Angels and Quiet Waters.

Discography: Sandcrane Productions
Between 2014 and 2016, I helped create a two-day, Bible based meditation workshop called The Tabernacle. I also produced a few albums which are available exclusively through Sandcrane.

2016 The Tabernacle Experience
2016 The Scroll
2016 Bedtime Prayers
2016 Praising Angels*
2016 Quiet Waters*
2016 Breath Exercise (Free)

*A shorter version of these albums previously appeared as tracks on the album Solfeggio Suite.

Use code “mellow” for a 20% discount on the music at

I’ve also been involved in the creation of The Tabernacle Workshop, a two-day, bible-based workshop in which participants are immersed in a series of progressively expansive guided meditations. I’ll write more about that soon.

02012016 – I wrote Creating The Tabernacle

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