Monroe Institute Presentation

On Learning, Music, and Monroe Technologies for ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and Other Learners

Video of presentation by Barbara Bullard, MA, and J.S. Epperson posted on Sep 8, 2016 by The Monroe Institute on their YouTube Channel.

Mission Report

I’m not a public speaker, but in a room full of well published Doctors and research professionals, at least I felt like I held my own. I’d like to thank everybody who shook my hand or gave me a hug, or who sent me expressions of gratitude after the fact: I appreciate the love, friendos!

I will not watch this video myself nor will I attempt to measure its value. But I did get an email from someone who watched the video, and he said that “so many questions I wanted to ask you but could not put into words were answered by Barbara and you.” He informed me that he learned a lot about brainwave frequencies and how they could be applied to specific tasks and applications, so maybe this video is good at helping you learn more about the uses and applications of Hemi-Sync®.

Thank you,
J.S. Epperson

The Monroe Institute’s Description

The presenters offer a discussion of the 20-year collaboration among TMI, Professional Division members, Monroe Products, Musician J.S. Epperson, Professor Bullard, and others—students and parents around the world. The success of this collaborative journey is indicative of the outcomes that can occur from the Interaction of TMI, Monroe Products, and PD members. First is a presentation of the widespread impact of music on the brain and body, as well as the science and success of combining the right type of music with Hemi-Sync—the creation of “designer music.” Second is a discussion between Epperson and Bullard of the specifics of beta music for quantum learning versus an alpha-theta-delta Metamusic®. Discussion and exercises will demonstrate the use of beta Metamusic compared to alpha-theta Metamusic. Third is an experiential exercise demonstrating the variety of differences.

Barbara Bullard, MA, has been professor of Communication Studies at Orange Coast College for forty-eight years. She has been nominated five times for Teacher of the Year at the college and received the NISOD Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas in 1994, 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2003. In 2000 and 2001 Ms. Bullard was a master presenter at the NISOD Conference, speaking on “Music and Metamusic in the Classroom.” She was selected for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers in 2002 –2007 and has been a Professional Division member of The Monroe Institute since 1989. She has served on the Professional Division Leadership Council for four years. She is co-author of a textbook, Communicating from the Inside Out, and has published numerous articles on the role of music and Metamusic. She has recently published Remembrance: Pathways to Enhanced Learning a summary of the extensive work with Hemi-Sync, Metamusic and learning with Dr. Alex Bennett.

J.S. Epperson, a graduate of the USC Thornton School of Music, is a leading contributor of Metamusic, meditation music and guided meditations. By combining several psychoacoustic techniques with music designed to naturally engage the body’s autonomic and psychological responses, he creates “music with purpose.”

Mr. Epperson’s work with Barbara Bullard and TMI led to innovations in the area of “betamusic,” Metamusic that can be used to improve focus and concentration. Combining the Superlearning® musical techniques outlined by Ostrander and Schroeder with Hemi-Sync frequencies designed to address beta brainwave deficiencies of people with ADD and ADHD, Mr. Epperson and Ms. Bullard created albums such as Remembrance, Einstein’s Dream, Indigo for Quantum Focus, and Illumination for Peak Performance. Their 20-year collaboration with The Monroe Institute and Monroe Products resulted in the creation of 9 Hemi-Sync albums and two ground-breaking DVDs.

Mr. Epperson’s music Higher was specifically selected by Robert Monroe to accompany Focus 27, as well as to feature in the best selling Going Home series, a collaborative project with Robert Monroe, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, and Charles Tart, PhD. Mr. Epperson contributed musical formats for Theresa Bullard, PhD, on The Seven Stages of Alchemy with Metamusic®, and many others. His work also appears on television, film and in video games. Through his writing, his blog and his social media presence, Epperson helps keep Hemi-Sync in front of the millennial generation.

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