Binaural Beats Meditation Tips

It’s a question I suppose I should answer:

I found your binaural music and i love it. Specially Deltadream. I would to know how to meditate with Transformation and Surf Series. Can you give me a few tips?

Binaural Beats Meditation Tips

  • Find a quiet place to meditate, a place where you will not be distracted.
  • Get comfortable: meditating is easier when you’re comfortable.
  • Put on headphones or earbuds. All of my brainwave audio contains a monaural entrainment channel and will work over speakers, but the audio will be more effective on stereo headphones or earbuds.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply and deliberately.
  • When a stray thought enters your mind, let it go and return your focus to your breath.
  • When you’re done, stop.
  • Repeat when you feel like it.

Yeah, okay, that’s maybe simplistic. But that’s just it: at its most basic, meditation is easy. If you’re a novice, binaural beats may acquaint you with some of the brainwave states associated with meditation, and if you’re an experienced meditator, you may enjoy a break from your routine.

And if you *are* a novice, explore other forms of meditation. Transcendental Meditation® is backed by tons of research, and many religious traditions offer their unique perspectives on meditation as well. Check them all out and carve your own way!

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