Solfeggio Cycle vs. Solfeggio Suite

What is the difference between Solfeggio Suite (2009) and Solfeggio Cycle (2016)?

Shared Qualities

  • For both projects, Solfeggio frequencies are the basis of the music
  • For both projects, Solfeggio frequencies are the basis of the carrier frequencies


  • The music is different
  • The binaural beats are different

Subjective Stuff

Solfeggio Suite has more of a drone quality, and the consensus of feedback indicates that it makes for an easier meditation. Solfeggio Cycle is more melodic in nature, making it an easier listen, but maybe a more challenging meditation. Your results may vary.


This is my kind of music. Just cycle it all day. I don’t mind sleeping with that. Favorite track: Embrace (852 Hz).

– N. Taranenko, Solfeggio Cycle, Bandcamp

You can get lost in this tune. There are parts where I can feel the tune breathing that is how deep this is. Favorite track: Connect (639 Hz).

– P. McHugh, Solfeggio Cycle, Bandcamp

I love the journey this collection takes the listener on, from earth energies all the way to what I can only describe as “angelic”- dimensional frequencies! I can listen while doing “mindless” tasks, as I go to sleep, or take an amazing energy-voyage while relaxing. Love it!

– Solfeggio Suite, Amazon Customer

Excellent musical rendition of the solfeggio tones. I have other recordings by J.S.Epperson with the binaural beats (Monroe Institute Music) and all are perfect for listening while in meditation. I cannot vouch for the effect of the tones other than they are comforting while meditating or resting.

– Solfeggio Suite, Amazon Customer

I find these tracks very helpful for periods of short, informal meditation. I have listened to binaural beat tracks before but this was my first experience with Solfeggio tones, which adds another dimension of peace to the experience. The music on most of the tracks is truly soothing and pleasant; it may also be useful in calming you down when you are stressed and helping you to sleep at night.

– Solfeggio Suite, Amazon Customer

This is an excellent album of Solfeggio tones; the ancient 6-tone scale reputed to heal, repair, renew DNA. Working from the cellular level these tones vitalize our Being.

– Solfeggio Suite, Amazon Customer

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