Out Of Body Playlist

I had an interesting exchange of emails lately with David, who informed me that he had been listening to my binaural beats meditation music not only for meditating, but also for stimulating Out Of Body Experiences (OOBE).

Using just his mobile phone and a couple of my binaural beats tracks, he says he goes to sleep at a normal hour. He wakes up after a few hours, puts in his earbuds, and sets his phone to run the following playlist:

  1. Higher
  2. Ascension
  3. Aurora
  4. Ambient Drone
  5. Liminal I (Connecting To The Gap)
  6. Solfeggio Suite

While he listens to his playlist, he relaxes and clears his mind, allowing himself to re-enter the dream state. Although he’s normally laying on his back to have an out of body experience, he says that he has also achieved OOBE while lying on his side. At some point, he says he becomes conscious and then has what he describes as a full Out of Body Experience.

I’ve recreated David’s OOBE playlist on Spotify, but you can find these tracks on other platforms and recreate the playlist yourself.

Here’s an excerpt of one of his emails that I found particularly interesting:

But the interesting story is that for a while the OOBEs weren’t coming. One particular night I had been playing your music for 4-5 hours while sleeping. I woke up and my nose felt itchy, so I lifted my finger to rub it, but I kept missing! For a solid 30 seconds I couldn’t touch my nose! I was too low and out by about 2-3 inches. It was like my body mapping was misconfigured for a moment. I had to fully wake myself up and figure out what was going on, then it went back to normal. Thank you for your creations!

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