Music Listening and Brain Response Synchronization

And argument in favor of Hemispheric-Synchronization?

tl;dr: wreck music, become distracted and fall out of synchronization…

…music synchronizes brain responses across listeners in bilateral auditory midbrain and thalamus, primary auditory and auditory association cortex, right-lateralized structures in frontal and parietal cortex, and motor planning regions of the brain.

…the great consistency of these patterns of activity across subjects, facilitated by ISS analysis, strongly suggests that these brain regions track aspects of musical structure across time that represent functionally important regions for the processing of naturalistic musical stimuli.

Our study provides new information regarding inter-subject brain synchronization in response to natural stimuli. Our results show that inter-subject synchronization occurs at multiple levels in the information processing hierarchy – from sub-cortical and cortical auditory structures to fronto-parietal attention network and motor planning areas. Importantly, we show for the first time that this diverse collection of auditory and supra-auditory brain structures tracks aspects of musical structure over extended periods of time. More generally, our findings demonstrate that music listening elicits consistent and reliable patterns of time-locked brain activity in response to naturalistic stimuli that extends well beyond primary sensory cortices (Hasson et al., 2004; Wilson et al., 2008), and that synchronization is not driven solely by low-level acoustical cues. These signatures of synchronized brain activity across individuals in multiple hierarchically structured systems may underlie shared neural representations that facilitate our collective social capacity for listening and attending to music.

Inter-subject synchronization of brain responses during natural music listening, 11 April 2013, DOI: 10.1111/ejn.12173, Daniel A. Abrams, Srikanth Ryali, Tianwen Chen, Parag Chordia, Amirah Khouzam, Daniel J. Levitin, Vinod Menon.

Photo by Roger Mommaerts via Public Domain Dedication License

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