Free: Collective Guidance Meditation with SAM™

photo by Margie Savage

In the last few years, research at The Monroe Institute has lead to the development of a new audio meditation technique that entrains the brain through a process through Spatial Angle Modulation™, or SAM™.

If you’re curious about this new technology that approaches brainwave entrainment differently than Hemi-Sync, you may want to try their free meditation Collective Guidance Meditation.

While I don’t feel that Collective Guidance Meditation hits the same high bar as Spindrift, an experience offered to attendees of the 2016 Professional Seminar at The Monroe Institute, I found Collective Guidance Meditation relaxing, positive, and even invigorating.

Here’s what The Monroe Institute has to say about Collective Guidance Meditation:

Use this meditation within a group or to connect with other like-minded individuals acting as one in all places and times to welcome and connect with guidance.

Download Collective Guidance Meditation

Photo by Margie Savage via Creative Commons Attribution License

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