The Internet Is Really, Really Great (For Trolls)

I expunged all of the album excerpts from my SoundCloud account, and I’ve deleted the binaural beats and isochronic demos.

I’ve deleted all of my blog posts as well as the product pages from this site, which I’ve redesigned.

I’m looking at my YouTube channel with fresh eyes and I am rethinking how I approach videos.

I’m not sure what to do about Twitter. I deleted my old tweets, I took six months off, and then I revived my account only to wipe it again a month later because I am unsure of the whole “engagement” thing. Going forward I’ll post announcements and random things that catch my attention, but there is no plan.

I’ve also made some changes to my Bandcamp store. I’ve set the number of free streams to unlimited so you can now listen to anything and everything as much as you want. You may download the albums for a donation, but there are exceptions: the download prices for my collaborative projects are determined by agreements that I’m unwilling to break. Albums will remain on third party stores such as Amazon, Apple Music / iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Tidal.

Anyway, until next time….

2 Replies to “The Internet Is Really, Really Great (For Trolls)”

    1. Hi Finian! I’m just cleaning house. I have a SoundCloud account at the free level and it isn’t terribly active. I deleted all of the short album excerpts, and in their place I’ll be posting one or two full length meditations with binaural beats.


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