La Segua

Should a philandering man look upon La Segua with lascivious eyes, he is doomed to a life of insanity. Explore colonial Costa Rica in this cautionary tale about love and madness.

Written by Alberto Cañas Escalante 
Original music by Carlos Escalante Macaya 
Sound design and additional music by J.S. Epperson
Directed by Roy Antonio Arauz
February 7 – March 2, 2019

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La Segua is the Central American folktale of a beautiful young woman dressed in white who wanders the countryside. Should a philandering man look upon her with lascivious eyes, he is surrounded by a dense fog as La Segua’s beauty decays into a horrifying sight: a horse’s skull with fiery red eyes atop the body of the beautiful young woman they had just encountered. Men are driven mad at sight of la Segua, a cautionary tale for all to heed.

In the city of Cartago in colonial Costa Rica, a beautiful woman, Encarnación Sancho, is haunted by the specter of la Segua, who appeared to her former suitor, driving him mad. Blaming herself, Encarnación resists starting a new relationship with a new suitor, Camilo de Aguilar, a fortune-seeking adventurer who has fallen in love with her. In La Segua, Cañas takes a hard look at Costa Rican values, including ambition, hypocrisy, and follows themes of machismo, vanity, and narcissism. 

Study Guides

Download the La Segua Study Guide (English)
Descargue la Guía de Estudio de La Segua (Español)


Milagro Theatre 
525 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97214 United States

Phone: 1-503-236-7253


Photo Gallery

Photography by Russell J. Young


The sound design is also amazing, not that it says so here >> Broadway World Review: Milagro Theatre’s LA SEGUA is a Rich and Complex Warning Against Our Obsession with Youth and Beauty

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