Mystery Teachings with Dr. Theresa Bullard

An occasional collaborator and person whom I feel you should better know is Dr. Theresa Bullard. She recently recently appeared on this episode of The Positive Head Podcast.

Dr. Bullard has just announced that her new show Mystery Teachings is now available on Gaia TV. This series weaves together physics and metaphysics, as well as many deeper teachings from the Modern Mystery School tradition, with several contributions by Founder Gudni Gudnason of advanced knowledge and concepts from Kabbalah, Alchemy, Hermetics, Quantum Consciousness, and our multi-dimensional potential as humans. The topics covered show how the ancient metaphysics, especially of the western mystery school tradition, parallels with some of today’s most advanced physics, and even offers deeper insights that science is still missing.

Mystery Teachings is available at

Dr. Theresa Bullard on Gaia TV’s Mystery Teachings.

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D., founder of Quantra Leadership Academy, is a pioneer in the field of fusing science, consciousness, and transformative technologies. Theresa obtained her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington, where she conducted interdisciplinary research in quantum theory, neutrino physics, crystal chemistry, nanotechnology, and origin of life studies.

Quantum Insight

The imagery used on this guided meditation is based on ancient alchemical and archetypical symbolism that connects us to spirit and the Source of light.

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Creative Alchemy

Creative Alchemy is a meditation that guides you to higher states of consciousness and is designed to enhance your creativity, while helping you powerfully accomplish your goals. In it, you are lead through a very unique, powerful alchemical process of 7 key steps for accessing new ideas and creative inspiration, to fuel your innovation, projects, and problem solving tasks.

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Into The Gap

The Gap has to do with the Quantum Realm. It is a reference to the ground state or background upon which all events take place, or the blank canvas upon which all forms take shape. By getting into the Gap, you can neutralize fears, melt away stress, embrace uncertainty, and access a deep well of vast potential energy and creativity.

Into The Gap deep guided meditation for accessing a state of quantum awareness and training your entire being to feel what it is like to get into the “Gap”, where vast potential energy can be tapped into.

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Connecting To The Gap

Connecting To The Gap is an open-eyed guided meditation for connecting to the “Gap” in your environment and tapping into a state of quantum awareness.

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