Binaural Beats, Hemi-Sync, and Solfeggio Frequencies

I received a letter with many questions, the replies to which I thought I would share here.

I was looking for some Binaural Beats for listening during workout/running and found your Hemi-Sync in Motion in the onlinestore. I clicked your name and found your website and noticed that I already bought some Hemi-Sync Audios created by you (Remembrance, Einstein´s Dream and Golden Mind). Thank you for that…

Thank you for listening!

Also I read about Solfeggio Frequencies and wanted to ask:

1) Is is possible to buy something like Hemi-Sync in Motion but without music/sound, so I can combine it to my preferred music tracks (while using two player at the same time). Also I want to use it regularly and listening always to the same music every day will become a bit “difficult”. So I am interested in the binaural beats frequencies while doing sports + combined with the Solfeggio Cycle tones without music. Is this possible and what would be the price for that (private/personal use only).

You can add binaural beats to any piece of music, but it takes a certain amount of craftsmanship to hide them in a mix. If you would like to add binaural beats to any piece of music, there are binaural beats apps that you can play on your phone while you listen to your favorite music.

2) As you already combined Binaural Beats + Solfeggio Tones I wanted to ask, if this is not a problem listening to both at the same time? Does Hemi-Sync still work if the Solfeggio Tones are playing? 

There is no problem listening to binaural beats while also listening to music, solfeggio tones, or rife frequencies. Binaural beats use the stereo field, while solfeggio tones and rife frequencies are simply notes and they can be used together. However, music impacts the body’s autonomic nervous system – tempo affects heart rate, the perceived tension in the music affects blood pressure, and so on. Make sure the music is working towards the same ends as the binaural beats – listening to something up-tempo while trying to meditate can work against the goals of meditation because the music is over-stimulating your mind and body.

3) I want to listen to your Solfeggio Cycle and Regenerate albums not just only for Meditation. Can you create these also with binaural beats for use while working/concentrating, sleeping, workout/sports (as mentioned before) and for “normal day use” – without background music, so I can combine your tracks with my personal play-lists which change from time to time.

When I create a project, I bring together music theory, binaural beats, solfeggio tones and rife frequencies to create am end to end concept. I am an artist and I create what I create: I will not break them apart and make them available as components, even for private use: this isn’t Lego.

Go out and make your binaural beats, it’s not hard! Seriously, there are apps that can help.

4) Ever thought of releasing your guided meditation albums in different languages (my English is not so perfect)?

I understand your point and I appreciate your point of view, but as it is I will not be releasing any more guided meditations, even in different languages.

Best regards from Germany and thank you for an offer for my requested tracks…

Danke Sehr!  Tschüss!

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