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Self Isolation Meditation

In which I suggest a wild blend of binaural beats and Rife frequencies called REGENERATE as the basis for a healing self-isolation meditation.

Maybe it’s the sign of the times, but people have been contacting me in the last few days wondering if I had any binaural beats that would improve their health and immune system. Well, no. But also yes.

To prevent transmission of Covid19 and to keep yourself safe, follow guidelines established by the CDC which can be found on their website. Personally, I follow the CDC on Twitter.

Music and binaural beats and meditation will not prevent you from getting Covid19. But self-care is vital to maintaining sanity and meditation is a proven way to relax and unwind. And it can even boost your immune response.

In the last few days, I myself have been quarantined. My spouse is working from home and space is at a premium, so I am spending more time than usual meditating. And honestly it feels pretty good. So, as part of your self-care during this bonkers period of time, tune out the world for a while and meditate.

During a period of self-isolation, I recommend meditation and listening to meditation music. But I want to shine a light on the album Regenerate, which it is pretty much available everywhere.

An academic researcher in the field of longevity and consciousness asked me to create this binaural beat audio for a project encouraging cellular age reversal. The foundation of Regenerate is the Abrahams Universal Healing Rate, a 1.5Hz binaural beat frequency said to alleviate physical, mental, and spiritual pain. Another key binaural beat frequency used in Regenerate is a 7.83Hz tone to stimulate the pituitary gland, encouraging the release of human growth hormone, which has a number of rejuvenation effects. Additionally, there are 6.3Hz and 10.5Hz frequencies associated with overall physical and emotional healing. Finally, there is a 22.027Hz Rife frequency associated with Serotonin production and 38Hz monaural frequency associated with Endorphin release. 

By J.S. Epperson

Independent purveyor of meditation music, producer of guided meditations, blender of binaural beats, and erstwhile Hemi-Sync® artist.

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