Supporting Artists

In which I encourage you to continue supporting art and artists during these bonkers times.

So Bandcamp is Supporting Artists During the Covid-19 Pandemic by eliminating their fees today on Friday, March 20th and giving 100% of the revenue to artists. If you are inclined to support meditation artists, my twitter account will have suggestions throughout the day, so be sure to follow.

I have a bandcamp donation store at, so if you’re thinking of making a donation, today is a great day. Here are my top suggestions:

Nordwind is an obvious choice. It collects 16 meditation albums with binaural beats into three, easily listenable chunks of thirty-minutes apiece.

Another natural recommendation is Mindwaves, which features three new meditations, one each for Delta (sleep), Theta (deep meditation) and Gamma (connected consciousness meditation) into one fabulous album.

Surf Series also features several meditations, providing a broad survey of the brainwave frequencies. Created using a Hemi-Sync 201B Binaural Beats Synthesizer, Surf Series provides meditations for Delta (sleep), Theta (deep meditation) and Alpha (awareness meditation).

Finally, I suggest Regenerate: a regenerative healing field tuned to encourage the health and well being of the mind, body, and spirit. Check out my Self Isolation Meditation post for details.

By J.S. Epperson

Independent purveyor of meditation music, producer of guided meditations, blender of binaural beats, and erstwhile Hemi-Sync® artist.

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