Monroe Institute Professional Conference 2021

One of the privileges of membership in the Monroe Institute’s Professional Association is the Professional Conference, a gathering of brilliant minds from around the word presenting research into consciousness.

I was a member for a number of years, though my membership has lapsed. I’m more of an artistic, mad-scientist type: I like the research oriented academics that retreat to the Monroe Institute to expand their understanding of consciousness, but I also feel a little bit out of place there.

Anyway, for the first time in history, the 2021 Monroe Institute Professional Conference is open to the public. I’ve already signed up for the virtual conference and I thought I’d mention the presentations in which I’m most interested:

Scott Taylor, EdD

State of the Institute Address

Scott Taylor will offer an update on all things Monroe, looking at the accomplishments the Institute has enjoyed as well as some exciting events on the horizon.

Judith Pennington

Mind Mirror: Taking EEG biofeedback to the next level

Taking EEG biofeedback to the next level, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is designed to guide people into an optimal meditation state in order to access the clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and spiritual awareness of an ideal state of consciousness: the awakened mind of lucid awareness, creative flow and peak performance.

By allowing meditators to watch their brain-wave patterns in real time, the Mind Mirror’s revolutionary self-training program makes it easier to achieve brain-wave mastery, speed up meditation training, and develop higher states of awareness.

MeLisa Gantt, PhD

Can Theta and Delta Frequencies Positively Affect Post-Deployment Health?

Stress and sleep disturbances are two of the most common issues among service members returning from deployment. This three-phase study assesses the efficacy of Hemi-Sync (theta and delta frequencies) on heart rate variability and sleep quality.

Lori L. Jacob with & Paul Citarella 

Vision for the Future

Take a step into the future of the Monroe Institute as you listen to an “insiders” look at the direction Monroe is heading in 2021 and beyond. Robert Monroe was, first and foremost, an explorer. In his search for new ways to discover how and why we are more than our physical bodies he never stood still. Neither are any of the current caretakers of his legacy. As a continually evolving nonprofit organization the Monroe Institute is poised to launch perhaps the most significant plans in its 50-year history.

Lori and Paul will also take you on a brief tour of campus to see the many renovations that are currently taking place, or are planned for the future.

2021 Monroe Institute Professional Conference, March 20-21, 2021
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern Time daily

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