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My Other Eight

“I found this particular CD distracting and annoying…and that was the ONLY thing I could focus on when it was playing! Alas! But this is the first Hemi-Sync that I have NOT liked.”

LC, on Amazon

So if I created 9 Hemi-Sync albums and Indigo for Quantum Focus is the only one LC doesn’t like, then we can deduce that LC likes my other eight.


Now it’s science.

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One response to “My Other Eight”

  1. I have read a lot of comments on an awful lots of masterpieces. Maybe way too many. There are folks whom I imagine picking up their noses with two fingers up to both nostrils while digging up their brain matter for some “right words”. The artist should never mind such freaks of Nature. For we are all made of these… possibilities. Yet some of us are so sophisticated, that they do manage to make a lot more mess on top of their karma induced ignorance. Some people like to claim it is a “very soothing experience” to have a sleep session consisting of the droning hum patterns, sounds of frogs before the rain and cheap six-string guitar attempts on “casualty”. Some claim that any piano sounds are annoying while meditating . Maybe so. But the same people put the same label on flutes also… Which means they just want to fall into their own private daydream. Which has nothing to do with the Meditation, [ahem] Mindfulness nor Balance. As for me, the name “Indigo for Quantum Focus” perfectly describes the state it helps to get into. You can’t buy your way through if you have karmic blocks and no connection. Try White/Pink Noise then. It will never fail you. And vote Quimby! He’d vote for you, you know…

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