Monthly meditation audio with binaural beats.

Higher Music is music with purpose. Anchored in intention, Higher Music is enhanced with brainwave entrainment audio such as binaural beats, isochronic pulses, and arcane frequencies to create altered states of consciousness.

Many times a year, subscribers receive a new meditation audio, complete access to the back catalog, and access to a growing selection of members-only content. Support this work by subscribing.

This collection opens up a room in ways the best ambient music does—not so much as background noise, but slowly inviting you to recognize yourself and the space you are in.

Aaron Colter, Vortex Magazine

A true audio alchemist…

Dr. Theresa Bullard
author & host of Gaia’s Mystery Teachings with Theresa Bullard

What I want you to do is get some J.S. Epperson… A great one to do is Regenerate. I’m choosing this because of the frequencies he puts in there… You listen to these and you just took the red pill in the Matrix.

Dr. Grace Hameister, Episode 16
Reclaiming You: The 40 Plus Female