Sacred Journeys: A New Home for Guided Meditations


I’ve worked with “new age” thought leaders for almost 30 years, and without a doubt Dr. Theresa Bullard is among the most thoughtful, sincere and pure: she is the real thing.

Over the years, we have created a number of guided meditations, including Quantum Insight, Creative Alchemy, Connecting To The Gap and Into The Gap.

Those guided meditations have been sitting at my main website, but we felt they deserved a home of their own as we move boldly into the future, so welcome to Sacred Journeys.

Vortex Magazine


Aaron Colter includes MMXX in his list of 50 Great Albums by Portland Artists in 2020.

“J.S. Epperson creates “binaural beats” that are recommended to be listened to with headphones. The experience is certainly better, but even on speakers this collection opens up room in ways the best ambient music does—not so much as background noise, but slowly inviting you to recognize yourself and the space you are in.”

Aaron Colter, November, 2020 Vortex Magazine

The Red Pill


Dr. Grace Hameister (instagram) offers Paula Miller (instagram) strategies to manage stress on an episode of Reclaiming You: The 40 Plus Female Podcast, in which she recommends recommends Insight, Liminal, Namaste, and Transformation.

What I want you to do is get some J.S. Epperson… A great one to do Regenerate. I’m choosing this because of the frequencies he puts in there… You listen to these and you just took the red pill in the Matrix.

Dr. Grace Hameister on Paula Miller’s podcast “Reclaiming You: The 40 Plus Female”, November 2, 2020

Focus Levels


When it comes to categorizing the various states of awareness, The Monroe Institute devised a system of labels called Focus Levels™, which provide a neutral identification for each state of consciousness. Right now you are reading, indicating that you are in Focus 1, which is “normal”, everyday waking consciousness.

Essentially, the higher the number, the deeper the state of consciousness. Focus 10 is mind awake/body asleep, Focus 15 is the state of “no time”, and Focus 21 is the very edge of perception of the space-time continuum where the mind remains fully conscious and active. There are many more.

As far as I’m concerned, the articulation of the Focus Levels is Robert Monroe’s great innovation. Hemi-Sync®, a trademarked brand name for binaural beats for which he is known, is merely the vehicle for this great achievement. I respect the Monroe’s Focus Levels enough that when I was asked to duplicate the frequencies for a prospective client, I suggested he simply go to the source and license something from (He did.)

But I didn’t pass on the project because Focus Levels are sacred. I admire the work of Robert Monroe and I think we benefit from understanding the labels he attached to consciousness, but at some point it belies the deeply personal experience that is meditation: it feels clinical, formal, and dogmatic. I am informed by his work and I am inspired by the man, but mimeographing Monroe’s roadmap to consciousness is just not something that interests me.

Robert Monroe’s injunction to “get it out there” is a directive I consider often, but I don’t view it as an order to evangelize his taxonomy and structure. Instead, I view it as encouragement to build upon his understanding and to let his ideas guide us as we expand the boundaries of his work.

Anyway, here’s a neat video.

Phase Evolution discusses the nuances of many of Bob Monroe’s Focus Levels.


Remembrance at 25

Remembrance (2019) with Hemi-Sync®

Remembrance was the first of 6 collaborations between myself, Hemi-Sync®, and producer Barbara Bullard. Remembrance in particular pioneered the use of designer music combined with Beta frequencies to enhance focus and concentration. The music was modeled on the Superlearning® musical techniques outlined by Ostrander and Schroeder in their book Superlearning®.

Remembrance is perfect for any mental task requiring focus and concentration and may be helpful for ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and other learning challenges. Play in the background or use with headphones to enhance mental capabilities while stimulating creativity and imagination. Composed and performed by J.S. Epperson. (65 min)

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