40-80GammaRevelation; problem solving; perception and consciousness.
24–40High BetaTension; Adrenaline; fight-or-flight response
13–24Low BetaConcentration; high focus
7–13AlphaRelaxed focus; “in the zone”; drowsiness
4-7ThetaDreaming; deep meditation; REM state
0.5 – 4DeltaDeep sleep; loss of body awareness
0 – 0.5EpsilonShamanic trance


Gamma brainwaves are the fastest of the known brainwaves, starting at 40Hz. Thanks to more sensitive EEG readers, Gamma is a more “recent” discovery relative to the other, better understood brainwave states. While little is known about this state of mind, initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

I tend to use Gamma in short bursts, as with Aurora and Insight, although Gammadrone features an extended Gamma pattern modulating around a 40Hz frequency with occasional 80Hz harmonic spikes to stimulate inspiration.


Beta brain wave frequencies live within the range of 14Hz to about 40Hz. Beta brain wave frequencies are associated with neurotypical waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. At the higher end of the Beta frequency spectrum, Beta frequencies are associated with adrenaline and the flight-or-flight response.

Most of the music I created for the Monroe Institute is associated with the development of Beta Hemi-Sync® frequencies for focus and concentration and was notably used in Remembrance, Einstein’s Dream, Indigo and Illumination.


Alpha brain waves fall with the range of 8 to 14Hz and are present during deep relaxation, usually when the eyes are closed. You experience Alpha when you’re slipping into a daydream or during light meditation. It is an optimal time to program the mind for success and it also heightens your imagination, visualization, memory, learning and concentration. 

It is the gateway to your subconscious mind and lies at the base of your conscious awareness. The voice of Alpha is your intuition, which becomes clearer and more profound the deeper you go into Alpha.


Theta brain waves are most-present during deep meditation and light sleep, including the all-important REM dream state. Theta brain waves fall with the range of 4-8Hz It is the realm of your subconsciousness and only experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep from Alpha and wake from deep Delta sleep. 

It is said that a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe can be experienced at Theta. Your mind’s most deep-seated programs are at Theta and it is where you experience vivid visualizations, great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight. Unlike your other brain waves, the elusive voice of Theta is a silent voice. 


The Delta frequency range is from 0.5 to 4Hz and is the slowest of the brainwave frequencies. You experience Delta during deep, dreamless sleep. Delta is when your conscious mind is completely detached. 

Delta is the home your unconscious mind, and the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconscious, where information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level. 

Among many things, deep sleep is important for the healing process — as it’s linked with deep healing and regeneration. Hence, not having enough deep sleep is detrimental to your health in more ways than one. 


Infra-Low brainwaves (also known as Slow Cortical Potentials) appear to take a major role in brain timing and network function.