I’m enjoying Aurora by J.S. Epperson very much. A regular dose of 528hz is just as important as exercise, or vitamin supplements. The mindunleashed says “It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.” That’s what Aurora does for me.

herb_lover, Amazon customer review of “Aurora”

This is a very unique piece of “music”. I started to enter a dream state while awake in bed, sort of like: lucid dreaming. I also experienced real time moving by very quickly while listening to this. One minute I looked at the clock and it was midnight, and then I looked at the clock and 30 mins had gone by in an instant. I assume it is because you are entering into alpha and other deeper brain waves where time seems to move differently than when we are in our waking beta wave state of mind.

Melissa L., Amazon Customer Review of “Deltadream”

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