Experience naturally free flowing creative flow and enhanced motivation and productivity with this rich blend of brainwave entrainment technologies.

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illuminationIllumination is a delightful work combining the musical artistry of J.S. Epperson enhanced with a unique blend of Beta dominant brainwave entrainment technologies designed to evoke an automatic response to increase creativity and concentration. Illumination encourages sustained concentration and validates the use of music in the creative process while stimulating forward movement and thought provocation to naturally provide a window into your mind, breaking through limitations during the listening experience.

illuminationIllumination is available with Hemi-Sync® as Illumination For Peak-Performance on CD and as download at Hemi-Sync.com

WARNING: This music contains audio brainwave entrainment technologies. People who are subject to seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental conditions should not listen to this music without first consulting a physician. DO NOT listen to this music while driving, operating heavy machinery, or performing any other activities that require focused attention. Although binaural beats entrainment audio may contribute to wellness, it is not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. No medical claims are intended express or implied. No statements made have been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For best results, use stereo headphones or earbuds.

Hemi-Sync® and Metamusic® are registered trademarks of Interstate Industries, Inc. dba Monroe Products.
For more information about Hemi-Sync®, visit http://hemi-sync.com

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