Date: 07/11/2016
Duration: 40:08
Category: Meditation Music
Brainwaves: Theta

Into The GapInto The Gap deep guided meditation for accessing a state of quantum awareness and training your entire being to feel what it is like to get into the “Gap”, where vast potential energy can be tapped into.

The Gap has to do with the Quantum Realm. It is a reference to the ground state or background upon which all events take place, or the blank canvas upon which all forms take shape. By getting into the Gap, you can neutralize fears, melt away stress, embrace uncertainty, and access a deep well of vast potential energy and creativity.

At some point during the journey you will find yourself in the Gap… in the Space Between… Once there you will experience pure being-ness…pure awareness. The more you work with this meditation, the more readily you will find yourself operating from a Quantum Conscious state in your life. And from that state, miracles can happen!

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Track List

Track 1: Introductory Teaching on the Gap
This is an 8-minute teaching from Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. on the methods and purpose of this deep meditation into the quantum gap. An instrumental version called Aurora is available separately.

Track 2: Into the Gap Guided Meditation
This is a 49-minute meditation that guides you deeply into the Gap while entraining you to expanded states of awareness. Inspired by an understanding of Quantum Physics, many aspects of the guided imagery by Theresa Bullard and the musical compositions by J.S. Epperson were specially designed to bring you into a sustained experience of being in the Gap, or the quantum space between, where all possibilities become accessible. An instrumental version called Liminal II (Into The Gap) is available separately for a donation.

Track 3: Follow-up Suggestions and Tips
This last piece provides a brief, 7-minute, follow-up with further suggestions for deepening your process of getting into the Gap and learning more about how to take it further. An instrumental version called Wake is available separately for a donation.

A Word of Encouragement

The combination of brainwave entrainment frequencies used in Connecting to the Gap are quite powerful. While listening to them, some people may experience periods where they seem to fall asleep or “click out”. These can be overcome by simply listening to the album several times to give yourself a chance to attune to the new frequencies and train your brain to recognize these new deeper states of consciousness. We also recommend listening to this meditation at a time of day when you are not too tired and while sitting up rather than reclining.

Note: Towards the end of this meditation, you are instructed to tap a point on your head that will help you anchor this experience into your cellular and neural memory patterns. This point is on the center-line of your crown, on top of your head, just as the top is curving over to the back of the head. This coincides with the center bridge of the Parietal Lobes.

About Dr. Bullard

Theresa-BullardDr. Theresa Bullard, CEO of QLA Consulting Inc. and International Instructor for the Modern Mystery School, is an expert on the new quantum consciousness that is emerging to help people thrive in a changing world. Fusing modern day quantum physics with powerful, time-tested techniques for harnessing consciousness, Dr. Bullard brings a truly fresh, mind-expanding, and powerfully altering approach. She is able to move people from traditional modes of thinking into the multi-faceted approach that is needed to address the complex and rapidly changing world we are in. Combining her formal education as a Ph.D. Physicist with a life-long path of embracing the new paradigm of Science and Consciousness, Dr. Bullard’s passion and ability to bridge these worlds is her strength and distinguishes her as an exceptional teacher, leader and change-agent. She has been leading programs internationally in self-empowerment, personal growth, and leadership development since 2002, helping people to transform their lives and awaken to their unlimited potential.