Since it sank beneath the ocean waves, the lost civilization of Atlantis has captured the human spirit as a mythic place of power, mystery, and healing. While its actual location remains hidden, using this recording you can now visit the fabled city in your imagination as you join countless ancient and modern seekers in the pursuit and realization of your dreams.

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Have you ever wished there was a simple way create what you want in life? There is. And you can experience it for yourself when you take this verbally guided journey across time and space to the Temple of Light in the fabled city of Atlantis with Journey to Atlantis.

Journey to Atlantis utilizes a complex blend of multiple consciousness-shifting techniques, each of which provides a unique, positive impact on the listener. These include traditional composition techniques, music based on the Solfeggio Frequencies, auditory NLP anchoring, hypnotic-induction guided meditation, and several forms of brainwave entrainment.

Our Approach

journey-to-atlantisHave you ever noticed how the world’s best spiritual teachers speak in parables? They do this because parables deliver their message in a way that more direct forms of teaching cannot.

The modern school system and most spiritual self-help materials work by directly targeting the human intellect, providing instructions that gradually fill students with knowledge from the teacher. Parables bypass this intellectual process and use stories to bring the listener to a point of clear understanding.

Journey to Atlantis uses the parable approach, but it takes things one step further than ancient teachers did. Instead of simply recounting a parable about someone else, Journey to Atlantis actually places the listener in the parable itself. This enables the listener to experience different states of consciousness while enjoying a real time, direct and meaningful experience.

Instrumental Meditation

From the very beginning stages of the project we knew that the music would be a critical component of the Journey to Atlantis experience. After years of working with Hemi-Sync® Metamusic®, we understood the connection between music and the emotional centers of the brain. Music directly stimulates the limbic area of the brain, which is the source of emotions that are essential to the manifestation processing such as peace, love and empowerment. The music of Journey to Atlantis specifically triggers the positive emotions to assist in the manifestation process.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is the practice of causing an individual’s brainwave frequencies to synchronize with an external stimulus such as sound. Journey to Atlantis includes three kinds of audio brainwave entrainment: isochronic pulses, binaural beats and monaural tones. These brainwave entrainment frequencies are attached to carrier frequencies that match the Solfeggio tones, making them almost imperceptible when mixed with the music and the verbal guidance.

The Solfeggio Frequencies

The music of Journey to Atlantis is based on the Solfeggio scale. The music slowly ascends the Solfeggio Frequency sequence with changes occurring during critical changes in the guided portion of the journey in order to bring the listener through an entire journey from a place of limitation and fear to one of spiritual order and unity.

Manifest Positive Change with “Journey To Atlantis”

With so many consciousness-shifting techniques employed within the recording, it is easy to see how Journey to Atlantis is far more than a mere guided meditation recording designed for simple relaxation. It is a powerful vehicle designed to facilitate profound shifts in awareness that help you to relax, visualize, and access your subconscious abilities to most effectively manifest positive changes in your life.

Matthew Joyce is a spiritual explorer, author, and teacher based in Boulder, CO. He offers individual coaching and teaches online and in-person workshops designed to help you explore, experience, and express your multidimensional nature in practical ways during daily life. He is also a Monroe Institute Outreach Facilitator and Trainer. His website is

J.S. Epperson is a best-selling recording artist and an innovator in the field of brain-entrainment meditation music. In partnership with The Monroe Institute, his work has appeared on 9 Hemi-Sync® Metamusic® CDs and two groundbreaking meditation DVDs, including the INATS® award winner “lightSOURCE.” Epperson is the creator of TLC NeuroTechnology™, an audio meditation tool developed for The Lovit Center for Consciousness Studies. His work has appeared on guided meditation projects with Robert Monroe, Dr. Theresa Bullard, Dr. Elisebeth Kübler-Ross and Dr. Charles Tart. His webpage can be found at

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Excellent visuals with this CD! One of the best parts of this “guided” CD was the amount of time set for manifesting. Generally people start at the wrong end of the spectrum when manifesting so I particularly like the guided “cue” about setting intention and the time I had to set that intention properly. Doesn’t matter what people are trying to, new job, relationship…their ultimate goal is happiness! The sound effects were excellent and the entrainment is strong. A new twist, I came out of it with a delightful melody that I’ve never heard before, not related to the music within the CD. That was a really cool CD! And yea, I love the extra instrumental version.

Cindy Johnston, PA

I had a lot of visual perceptions, and even before the audio guidance suggested it, I could smell the sea air at the beach. When the crystal activated, I felt a big rush of warm energy into the heart chakra and a couple of energy centers I work with. It felt wonderful! The track gently took me to a deep place and back, and it left me feeling buoyant, open and energized. It reminds me of Bob Monroe’s early Hemi-Sync tapes, like The Visit, or Moment of Revelation, which I’ve listened to a lot. I definitely recommend Journey to Atlantis.

Karl Boyken, Iowa City, Iowa

I meditate regularly and love finding guided meditations that I enjoy. Matthew takes listeners on an incredible journey to a magical place. I love taking the journey. It is relaxing and peaceful. I also really love the fact that there is also a non-guided version of the same exercise when there are times I don’t want to have a guided experience. I’ve always enjoyed the offerings from J.S. Epperson and this is yet another one that I look forward to using again and again.

Allyn Evans, Stillwater, OK

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