Ascension is a musical voyage through the void: it is delicate, ethereal, uplifting and entrancing. Densely packed with meditative brainwave entrainment frequencies, Ascension will lift you to the highest realms of your consciousness.

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Aurora emanates light and shimmers with calm. Aurora features 8 bands of deeply meditative binaural beats centered in the Theta realm with an undercurrent of Delta and periodic expressions of Gamma band oscillations.

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Incorporating multiband Gamma and Theta brainwave entrainment technologies, Gammadrone is a thoroughly modern expression of minimalism delivering heightened receptivity, improveing mental imagery, and immersing you fully in an inner experience.

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Higher is a timeless piece of music: delicate, ethereal and dreamy. The music of Higher is anchored by a solemn electronic ambience while moody melodies soar above.

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Have the clarity of deeper, more penetrating perceptions of people and situations. Intuitively grasp the understanding that comes from deep contemplation and reflection with Insight.

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Waves within waves, space within space. Liminal captures the essence of the liminal phase, the ambiguous space between thoughts, where the silent self exists as pure consciousness.

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Namaste is a rhythmic meditation with subtle Aum toning to guide you into a light state of breath-focused theta meditation.

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Solfeggio Cycle

Solfeggio Cycle is a collection of melodic tunes based on the Solfeggio frequencies and incorporates multiband Theta brainwave entrainment technologies to deliver heightened receptivity, improved mental imagery, and an increased connection to your senses.

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Solfeggio Suite

Solfeggio Suite is a series of ambient pieces based on the Solfeggio frequencies. Solfeggio Suite incorporates multiband Theta brainwave entrainment technologies and offers a deep, abstract meditation experience.

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Embedded within each track are four bands of deep meditation brainwave audio, each tuned in accordance to a 432Hz tuning system. For best results use headphones.

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Surf Series

Surf Series is a trio of relaxing binaural beat tone sets that feature gently rolling surf sounds and multi-tracked layers of binaual beats created by the 201B Hemi-Sync synthesizer.

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