Change is the only constant

Some Greek philosopher or other. Dua Lipa, maybe?

In light of the changing policies at my Bandcamp store, I thought I would clarify as many of them as possible. 


My store is powered by Bandcamp and the address is

You may listen to a full album for free a number of times. If you reach the point where the system prevents from playing the album for free, please make a purchase: it’s safe to say you like it.

A minimum donation of $1 per recording is required to add an album to your Bandcamp app collection or to download in the format of your choice. 

Speaking of downloads, as of this writing, you may download in the following formats: MP3, FLAC*, ALAC* (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV* and AIFF*. More info over at Bandcamp…

*Lossless, CD Quality Formats

Refunds for downloads? No. Refunds for Merch? Of course.