Higher is a timeless piece of music: delicate, ethereal, and dreamy. Soaring melodies glide over a thick drone blended with a complex weave of deeply meditative Delta-Theta binaural beats. This track is also available on Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and many more. For links, visit: smarturl.it/d3rsor

Originally released with Hemi-Sync® as Volume III of the Metamusic® Artist Series in 1993, Higher was chosen by Robert Monroe as the soundtrack to FOCUS 27 at the Monroe Institute. It was later extended to 48 minutes, given new Hemi-Sync and issued as a stand-alone album. Remastered in 2012, I added my own blend of deep meditation (Theta-Delta) binaural beats.

The 48 minute version of Higher is available exclusively with Hemi-Sync® on CD and as download at the Hemi-Sync website: shop.hemi-sync.com/products/c2244-J-S-Epperson/

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