Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solfeggio Frequencies are tones thought to possess special qualities such as awakening intuition or manifesting emotional and physical healing. According to Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, author Leonard G. Horowitz described these tones as forgotten, but revealed to him, hidden in plain sight by way of old Gregorian chants, religious texts, and sacred geometry.

The six Solfeggio frequencies, according to Horowitz:

396HzUtLiberating Guilt and Fear 
417HzReUndoing Situations & Facilitating Change 
528HzMiTransformation & Miracles (DNA Repair) 
741HzSolAwakening Intuition
852HzLaReturning to Spiritual Order

Since the publication of his book, the addition of a few other frequencies that share the same mathematical principals have emerged in the popular culture and have been wedged into the solfeggio system. Some of the more common frequencies I’ve seen are 174Hz, 285Hz and 963Hz: as they are not part of the hexachord structure of the hymn, they do not have associated sounds.

174HzAnesthetic, relieves physically and energetic pain
285HzRejuvenate mind, body, and spirit  
963HzCrown chakra, universal connection

Students of music can tell you about solfège, a system in which every note of a scale is given its own unique syllable in order to teach sight-reading by sounding the syllable every time it appears. The sounds associated with the Solfeggio Frequencies are derived from the first syllable in each stanza in the Gregorian chant “Ut queant laxis”, a Latin hymn in honor of John the Baptist.

SoundLatinEnglish Paraphrase*
UtUt queant laxīsDo let our voices
Reresonāre fibrīsresonate most purely,
Mira gestōrummiracles telling,
Fafamulī tuōrum,far greater than many;
SolSolve pollūtīso let our tongues be
Lalabiī reātum,lavish in your praises,
Sāncte Iōhannēs.Saint John the Baptist.
* paraphrased by Cecile Gertken, OSB (1902–2001) preserves the key syllables and loosely evokes the original meter.

“Solfeggio Frequencies are effective because of subtle differences in tunings. They jolt our brains into perceiving something foreign. They are inherently exotic and at times ‘alien’ relative to what we are used to…”

J.S. Epperson, S2E10 Transcendent Sounds on
Mystery Teachings with Theresa Bullard
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