Music With Binaural Beats for Sleep

Of the brainwave frequencies, Delta waves are among the slowest. Delta frequencies are experienced during deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep, transcendental meditation where awareness is fully detached1. Delta is the realm of your unconscious mind, and the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconscious, where information received is otherwise unavailable at … Continue reading Music With Binaural Beats for Sleep

iOS Apps for Binaural Beats Music

I use a wide variety of tools to create my my projects. While I generally favor hardware synthesizers and recording studio technologies, every now and then I’ve used iOS apps to create some of my work. AMBIENT DRONE Ambient Drone was created for an hypnotherapist who asked me to create something “sparse”, “deeply introspective” and … Continue reading iOS Apps for Binaural Beats Music

Hemi-Sync® Under New Ownership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Robert Monroe’s Hemi-Sync® Under New Ownership Storied purveyor of binaural beats enters a new era Lovingston, Virginia – (March 16, 2017) — Interstate Industries, Inc., a leading conscious media company originally founded by Robert A. Monroe in 1953, has been acquired by Garrett Stevens and will begin doing business as Hemi-Sync (formerly … Continue reading Hemi-Sync® Under New Ownership