I was working on this little tune when I took my car to the carwash so if you want to know how these things happen then there you go…

The 174Hz frequency is said to be a natural anesthetic as it reduces physical pain, enveloping your body with a sense of security, safety and love. Also, it sounds nice. And it’s practically an F on ye olde western scale.

The tune is also available on Spotify, iTunes, et al.

396Hz Solfeggio Frequency Remote Viewing Music with Theta Binaural Beats

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Whether you are at home, relaxed while stretching your mind’s eye or you are triangulating some point in a far-flung location at the edge of time, REMOTE is the sound of the universe perceiving itself. As the music swells, a set of binaural beats establish a relaxing alpha pattern.

After two and a half minutes, the pitch of the carrier frequencies glide down, resolving at the root tone of the music while the binaural beat frequencies drop from alpha to a set of beat frequencies conducive* to remote viewing. REMOTE is based on the 396Hz Solfeggio tone “Ut”, referring to the “Ut queant laxis” passage in The Hymn of John The Baptist suggesting that we expand our voices to celebrate His creation. According to Dr. Joseph Puleo’s book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, this tone is associated with releasing emotional patterns and liberation from guilt and fear.

REMOTE 45:00

REMOTE (EDIT) from the compilation album MMXX

WARNING This music contains binaural beats, an audio brainwave entrainment technology that works best with stereo headphones or earbuds. *One time I took a remote viewing workshop with Remote Viewer 001 and most participants hit the target but I didn’t so “conducive” is a wiggle word. Anyway, I finally worked it out but every success leads me to the question: what is real?