Here are ten random testimonials and/or reviews of my work. Most were gathered from various places around the web, but some were solicited from happy clients.

I listen to J.S. Epperson’s music with my whole body. I became involved in sound healing, Solfeggio Frequencies, Binaural Beats and Theta as a way to deepen my meditation practice. When I found his music I was thrilled, and now he is one of my favorite composers. He creates the most gorgeous melodic soundscapes that … Continue reading Renee Rotkopf – soulandbrand.com

Renee Rotkopf – soulandbrand.com

These vibrational tones have changed my meditation. I find I can quiet my mind almost instantly and maintain a steady level of consciousness for a longer period of time. I feel connected to my higher self when I hear these tones.

P.A., Amazon Customer Review of “Solfeggio Suite”

Great, great, great! Wonderful to relax to. Quiet enough for just simply background music. Purchase it…its worth it…Cheers!

Scooby Doo, Amazon customer review of “Aurora”

I just received and played the “Gammadrone” CD. It is exactly what I expected and wanted. I am a writer and have it playing as I work. It allows me to focus on my novel and use it as a barrier to the world’s noise. Thank you! Please keep me informed of the next development … Continue reading W.A., Amazon customer review of “Gammadrone”

W.A., Amazon customer review of “Gammadrone”

This is a very unique piece of “music”. I started to enter a dream state while awake in bed, sort of like: lucid dreaming. I also experienced real time moving by very quickly while listening to this. One minute I looked at the clock and it was midnight, and then I looked at the clock … Continue reading Melissa L., Amazon Customer Review of “Deltadream”

Melissa L., Amazon Customer Review of “Deltadream”

I’ve lost count of how many binaural, isochronic meditation MP3’s I have, but I’ve tried many if not most of them. This one stands out with Very high quality of composition, is beautifully relaxing, and one of my all-time favorites. The price is astonishingly reasonable and if I lost my copy, I’d gladly pay $50 … Continue reading Cooper, Amazon customer review of “Deltadream”

Cooper, Amazon customer review of “Deltadream”

I used “Deltadream” for falling asleep for about 6 months and the composition is superb, this one is a nice change of pace and I like that it has a different character too it, I think the other one is more effective for falling asleep and inducing lucid dream states. Having said that, this one … Continue reading DubScience, Amazon customer review of “Deltadream”

DubScience, Amazon customer review of “Deltadream”

Absolutely amazing! Peaceful, ambient and transformational for the most important time we spend each day… healing.

Nicole Schofield, iTunes customer review of “Deltadream”

I love this music its really effective I have clients I work on energy healing and they report brain opening up like the cells are working better. I highly recommend this artists music. And its beautiful!

Yahaira Volpe, Amazon customer review of “Aurora”

I have several Theta brainwave entrainment CDs, and this one is my favorite so far. At various times, I can feel the 528hz resonating in my heart chakra. The sound of the tuning fork is pleasantly mixed with the music. And I think I’m hearing tibetan singing bowls as well, but I’m not certain. I … Continue reading Amy B., Amazon customer review of “Aurora”

Amy B., Amazon customer review of “Aurora”
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