meditation music with binaural beats


Hibernation is based on the 417Hz Solfeggio tone “Re”, referring to the “resonare fibris” passage in The Hymn of John The Baptist meaning to “resonate most purely”. According to Dr. Joseph Puleo’s book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, this tone breaks up crystallized emotional patterns and facilitates change and transformation. That is a lot to attribute to a frequency, but it’s a nice story and a great album.

Hibernation uses Binaural and Monaural Beat brainwave entrainment technologies to take you deeper and deeper into the Delta state. The Delta state is associated with the ‪deepest stages of sleep.

Stream a few times for free or “Buy Digital Album” to add the album to your Bandcamp collection and/or download in the file format of your choice. Enter a donation of $0 and your email address at time of purchase for a free copy, but know that generosity is paid forward.

This track is available on Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and many more. For direct links, visit: smarturl.it/gn08bz

This blend of ambient music and brainwave technologies is as organic as it gets. The music here is not your usual “odor masking” layer nor the brainwave entrainment part is gracelessly overimposed on the otherwise unrelated score. These recordings have convinced me that there is an acceptable approach in this – still experimental – kind of music. Hibernation sets a standard, if this term is applicable to any living modern art. And it works it’s magic! This is one grossly overlooked album…

Alex, Bandcamp.com

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