Surf with Binaural Beats

Surf Series is a trio of relaxing binaural beats tracks that feature the gently rolling surf sound and brainwave frequencies of the Hemisync 201B (SN #297) binaural beats synthesizer. To create this project, I multi-tracked layer after layer of binaual beats generated on the vintage hardware synthesizer. Each track also features a shimmering drone reminiscent … Continue reading Surf with Binaural Beats

Cultivating Moments of Insight

Insight is that “a-ha!” moment when we “get it”; that moment where we gain context, depth, and clarity regarding something that we previously thought we understood. Recently, cognitive neuroscientist John Kounios conducted a study into the nature of insight in which the researcher observed a unique pattern of neural activity: “There was a burst of … Continue reading Cultivating Moments of Insight